Since 2006, Bellaire Diagnostic Imaging is a state of the art radiology facility located in the Southwest Houston, Texas area. We offer the highest quality diagnostic imaging services in a comfortable independently owned testing facility. Hospital based testing can be expensive, non personal and offer long waiting times. In our service-oriented environment, we strive to provide prompt quality care in a more cost friendly, personal environment.

At Bellaire Diagnostic Imaging, we understand that diagnostics is at the heart of optimum healthcare. Before a patient can receive appropriate treatment and begin the process of healing, the physician must identify the cause and origin of the medical problem. The field of radiology provides a major part of the patient's critical medical diagnostic information and allows the healing process to begin faster.

Our board-certified physicians recognize the impact that radiology has on diagnostic medicine, and have therefore dedicated themselves to strive for a standard of excellence. At Bellaire Diagnostic Imaging, we use the latest in diagnostic techniques to make precise and detailed images that allow physicians to detect medical problems, often in the very early stages when treatment is most effective. With such a strong commitment to the health and well-being of our patients, it is easy to see why so many people have already trusted Bellaire Diagnostic Imaging for their diagnostic needs.

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